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Windows Server Upgrade Path

By | September 20, 2020

Correct To Upgrade the OS Windows Server must be upgraded in steps. 2003 > 2008 > 2012R2 > 2016 > 2019 Incorrect – Data loss will occur While possible, these upgrades will clean install the OS and not upgrade. 2008 > 2016

Flex License Manager Update

By | October 17, 2019

The AutoDesk Flex License Manager loads but does not distribute, licenses to versions of Autodesk that are newer than the license manager. The Autodesk products will show an expired or no licenses available message when this happens. The easiest way to update the FLM is to: Install the FLM on a local Windows PC (the Autodesk installer will… Read More »

Server Manager Totally Blank

By | October 12, 2019

Windows Server Manager loads as a blank page. This is caused by a compatability issue with graphics drivers, particularly when the server has an advanced GPU installed. The quick resolution to this, is to uninstall the graphics driver. This will load the basic Microsoft video driver and allow the Server Manager to load.

Fragmented Tables

By | June 16, 2019

This code will locate SQL tables with fragmentation: –Replace DB_Name USE DB_Name; GO SELECT OBJECT_NAME(a.OBJECT_ID)AS TableName, a.index_id, name, avg_fragmentation_in_percent,avg_page_space_used_in_percent,page_count FROM sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(DB_ID(N’DB_Name’), NULL, NULL, NULL,’SAMPLED’) AS a JOIN sys.indexes AS b ON a.object_id = b.object_id AND a.index_id = b.index_id WHERE avg_fragmentation_in_percent >= 30 ORDER BY page_count DESC GO