WordPress add a site

By | January 23, 2021

Once PHP, MYSQL & WordPress are set up on a Windows server, you can easily add additional sites.

  1. Extract WordPress-n.n-IIS.zip to the root of C:\inetpub
  2. Rename C:\inetpub\wordpress to sub.domain.com
  3. In IIS
    1. Right Click Sites > Add Website
    2. Set the name & Hostname to sub.domain.com
    3. set the path to the new folder
    4. set connect as user and test
    5. HTTPS and SSL are preferred
    6. from cmd run iisreset
  4. In MySQL Workbench
    1. Schemas > Create Schema > name with “wordpress” (Min. screen resolution required)
    2. Management > Users and Privileges > Add Account
      1. Set Limit to Hosts Matching to: localhost
      2. Shema Privileges > Add Entry
        1. Selected Schema: Choose the new database and set access
  5. From the server’s browser
    1. Go to: https://sub.domain.com/wp-admin
    2. Run the install and create an admin user