Manage 2012 from Win7

By | July 27, 2016

Server 2008 can be managed by installing remote server administration tools (RSAT, very specific version requirements!) Same can be done with Win8 and up and Server 2012 and up…
Win7, however, is a bit more complicated.
In a nutshell:
1. Install Remote Desktop Services in session virtualization mode on a server using the Server Manager Quick Start mode.
2. Install the administration tools on the server you want to publish to users–use the Add Roles and Features wizard and enable it through the Remote Server Administration Tools feature options.
3. Add the server administration tools to the list of published applications on the session host by using Server Manager in the Remote Desktop Services – Collections – and use the Publish RemoteApp Programs task.
4. Users access via the RDWeb site the administration programs or subscribe to published applications via the RemoteApp and Desktop connections control panel applet using the feed URL (e.g.,
Link here.
If the 4 points above make sense then go no further.

If you are accustomed to adding features and roles to windows servers this may throw you for a bit of a loop. And the video instructions on the page have nothing to do with the topic at hand. so don’t even bother.
More detailed info on session based deployment and publishing remote apps can be found here.
And on session collections here and on certificates used for these services here.