Dell RAID Firmware

By | November 1, 2016

To prevent loss of data on Dell servers,  firmware and Windows drivers for the RAID controllers must be updated as new versions are released.

  1. Use Dell Open Manage to determine which RAID controller you have.
  2. Collect your system Service tag. (CMD: WMIC csproduct)
  3. Go to and enter your service tag.
  4. Narrow the category down to SAS Raid. Download the PERC Raid controller Firmware and Windows driver for your OS.
  5. Verify all client data is backed up before proceeding.
  6. Run the firmware installer. Note: This will require a reboot.
  7. Run the Windows driver update. Note: This will require a 2nd reboot.
    Dell stresses that keeping your iDRAC up to date is also important…