Provisioning Polycom IP 6000

By | November 25, 2019

To set up a Polycom conference phone for Vonage:

  1. Under “Account,” add the address as an E911 location
  2. Purchase additional extensions and/or phone numbers if necessary
  3. Create a unique user name to be assigned to each extension (use as the email)
  4. Under Extensions, select the extension you want to assign to the conference phone and go to “Devices.”
  5. Change provisioning model to Polycom, change E911 address as appropriate and enter MAC address in the field provided, then click “Save” at the top
  6. Factory reset the phone:

    a. Menu, Settings, Advanced. The admin password is 456.

    b. Select Reset to Defaults, then Reset to Factory and Yes when asked if you’re sure. The phone will restart itself once or twice.

  1. Make a test call- if successful, you are done. If not- move on to step 8.
  2. Navigate back to the Vonage web site and find the device under the appropriate extension. Click “Refresh” and copy the resulting phone configuration url to the clipboard.
  3. Obtain the phone’s IP address from the phone itself: Menu, Status, Network, TCP/IP Parameters
  4. In a web browser, type in http:// followed by the IP address
  5. Log in as admin with the password 456
  6. Under Settings, choose Provisioning Server. Entries are as follows:
    1. Click the plus sign next to Provisioning Server; Server type: https
    2. Server address: paste the link copied from the Vonage site in step 7
    3. Server user and password: leave blank
    4. Leave the rest of the top section as is
    5. Click the plus sign next to DHCP Menu; Boot Server: static
    6. Boot Server Option: 160
    7. Leave the rest of the bottom section as is
    8. Click “save.” The phone should reboot itself and be fully provisioned when it comes back up. The extension number will display with a phone icon that is fully black- if the phone icon is not filled in, something went wrong.