Installing Windows 10

By | April 17, 2017

Windows is 10 is finally stable, but not easy to deploy. Here is what I have found:

Media: The latest version is 1607.1 from November. Microsoft has been releasing new versions of their installation media. Older media will not install on NVMe media and should be trashed. If you create a USB please label it either Win10_1607(Vol) or Win10_1607(Dell). The Microsoft media is a traditional installer and will run on any platform.

Dell does not provide a traditional Windows installer for 10, rather they offer something closer to recovery media. You will need to make sure you are running the current version for the same reason. You can download it from Dell>Support>Drivers>OS

Software: Many programs will require the older .Net Framework 3.5 so begin by installing it from Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off

You must install software chronologically. Windows is an ever evolving platform. New code is created and released annually that allows the developer to do new things. This is possible with the addition of Microsoft’s .Net or C++ redistributables. These cause issues when installing older applications such as those from AutoDesk. By installing items based on release date you can install older software such as AutoCAD 2013 without issue.

WDS: Avoid for now. Deploying 10 via WDS is a mess.

  • Only PCs installed with Volume License media can be captured.
  • Images are not as portable as the old Windows 7 images.
  • Drivers are stripped out completely so PCs don’t boot after capture.

This is still a work in progress.