Deploying AutoDesk

By | April 24, 2015

This is our standard process for deploying Autodesk products.

1) Copy full installation to \\Server\U$\CD & ISO\!Autodesk\Year\Product.

2) As Admin start setup and choose deploy.

  • Name the Deployment: Product_Year.
  • Set the Deployment path to \\Server\u$\Applications\!AutoDesk\Year\Product (NOT in CD & ISO)
  • Choose 64-bit version
  • select Run install in silent mode
  • Uncheck Create a Network Log File

3) Determine the products the client wants to install if this is a suite and disable any that are not essential.

4) Expand each remaining product and customize

  • Uncheck the cloud based services.
  • Remove unused Sub-Components
  • For AutoCAD products always install Express Tools
  • Set the security as high as possible
  • Customize the product options after reviewing with the customer
  • Point printers to a shared library
  • Download all Service Packs

5) Once created install on a test PC as Admin and verify then proceed with the deployment.

6) For 2015 launch error:  Rename c:\windows\system32\acaptuser64.dll to acaptuser64.old

AutodeskDeploy01 AutoDeskDeploy02 AutoDeskDeploy03 AutoDeskDeploy04 AutoDeskDeploy05