By | June 11, 2017


Clonezilla is a free partition and disk imaging/cloning program. It runs from USB and works with basically every OS. It can be used to do a direct clone to a new drive or backup to an image that can be restored to bare metal.  Instructions:

  1. Download Clonezilla Live zip file here > Select Stable > Select amd64 / Zip / sourceforge
  2. Partition your USB flash drive formatted with a FAT or NTFS
  3. Extract all the contents of the zip file to the FAT16/FAT32 or NTFS partition on your USB flash drive. Keep the directory architecture, for example, file “GPL” should be in the USB flash drive’s top directory (e.g. G:\GPL).
  4. WARNING! Makeboot.bat must be run from your USB flash drive. Browse to your USB flash drive and as an admin, run the makeboot64.bat in the dir utils\win64\ (for 64-bit Windows).
  5. Boot from the USB and follow the instructions.