Broken OneNote Links

By | November 12, 2020

These changes in the cloud will break access to OneNote and risk data loss:

  • Username changes involving the domain name.
  • Moving, or renaming a OneNote notebook

When this happens, notebook owners will need to reshare their notebooks and all users should look for unlinked notebooks after a domain change. If they have made changes to these notebooks, they will need to use the history to locate those changes and copy them to the active notebook, once it is reshared with them. DO NOT close any notebook until the new data is copied out.

Users that work in offline notebooks risk data loss. In the cases listed above, the content will never get synced, because the target notebook no longer exists. The local cache is fragile and inaccessible as a backup. It can easily be erased by resetting the app, during software updates, or by closing the notebook.

Backup files:

  • OneNote 2016 notebooks can be found here: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneNote\16.0\Backup
  • After version 2016, local backups of notebooks do not exist!